"This picture was taken on the day my 3rd Book arrived from Amazon for me to proof prior to it's release! Last week 'Empath Healer' debuted at #1 and stayed there for 5 days during the Kindle Release! A total of 521 eBooks were downloads in it's 5 Day Free Showcase!

Shanda Trofe is the Publisher of every self-help and personal development authors' dreams! My latest Book was able to reach #1 in it's category on it's first day of release, thanks to her guidance and expertise. By knowing the ideal categories & keywords where my contributions could shine best, my authorship has been given wings! She is top of her class offering publishing and coaching to help our words reach the hearts of our tribe on a global scale."

~Lysa Black, bestselling author of the Shine Series, www.lysablack.com
"Of course, I cannot say enough about Shanda Trofe...as we all know she is the most fabulous coach and publisher anyone could wish for. She is guiding this about to be 85 year old computer dummy through the digital world with grace and the patience of a Saint!

I am so grateful for your help, Shanda...never would've happened without your guidance and constant positive support!


~Barbara E. Harris, bestselling author of Manifesting Miracles
Interview with Georgia Nagel, animal intuitive, spiritual teacher and bestselling author of Pet Talker
Interview with Misty Proffitt-Thompson, angelic life coach, speaker and bestselling author of By Your Side.
Interview with Jodie Harvala, speaker, psychic medium and bestselling author of The ABC's of Intuition and The Magic of Space Clearing
Interview with Lisa Broesch-Weeks, speaker, coach/consultant and bestselling author of Practical Bliss
"If you are a writer or want to become one, then Shanda Trofe is the person you need to have helping you. She has helped me publish over 20 books! Wow, I just can't say enough good things about her and Transcendent Publishing. Most of all she cares about you and your book. She will coach you to the end and give you valuable tips along the way. She provides a priceless service that other publishers do not. I know, because I have used two other big-time publishers which cost me a lot with little results. You are just dollar signs to them.

"Another important fact is Shanda goes out of her way to help you. She genuinely cares and wants to make sure you are pleased with her service. I am proud to say Shanda Trofe is not only my publisher but has also become my friend and writing coach over the years. Shanda knows what she is doing when it comes to books and is a kind, caring person. What more does anyone want?"

~ Thomas H. Ward, author of 27 books including the bestselling series, The Tocabaga Chronicles
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